Responsbile consumption


What are you celebrating on black friday?


- 50 % of consumer goods bought on Black Friday consist of clothing, shoes and electronics

- We produced tons of textile waste in 2018 → second largest polluter after oil industry

- We produced tons of electronic waste in 2018* → represents 70 % of our toxic waste




Can we afford Black Friday?

Earth overshoot day 2019 was July 29th*, that was the day where we as a planet had used the amount of natural resources available to us, without going negative on our “natural resources budget”. 
The Danish overshoot day was actually on March 29th. If the money we spent reflected the natural resources that were used to produce the things that we buy, we would have gone in massive debt over the past 4 months. 



So why do we do it?

  1. It’s on sale 
  2. It’s almost christmas 
  3. Old habits die hard 


Fact: While we consider buying something new, our brains start producing dopamine in the anticipation of a reward. Luckily, there are many ways to kick-start dopamine production, that are less anticlimactic after receiving the actual “reward”…. 


How fashionistas can be part of the solution: 

You can and you should preserve your love for fashion. Here’s how to be green about it:

- Break up with “Fast Fashion”

- Hook up with “Slow Fashion” 

- Keep your fashionista-eye out for brands using alternative materials (like discarded milk and fruit- and veggie-peels)

- Scout for treasures in second hand or vintage

- Be a #SwapRebellion 

- Return your unwanted items to those who produced it in the first place - it’s their trash to deal with. 

- Check out WAIR and Better World Fashion as examples 


Scouting for electronics?  

You’re not wrong to be - electronics are vital for following educational programs, accessing knowledge and communicating. 

  • Check out the second hand selection at 
  • Keep an eye out for the emerging “electronics-as-a-service” markets - these will change the game!
  • Ever heard of Fairphone


Green Friday - How to

Don’t buy material goods from producers that are not very clear about their sustainability statements: how are they making the world a better place? 

  • Work on your dopamine levels!! 
  • Go out with friends for a good time
  • Enjoy nature, like a trip to a forest or the beach
  • Work out 
  • Treat yourself to a lovely experience 
  • Have an orgasm (this one is very effective in relation to dopamine production) 

Join the climate strike! 


Spread the word

Inspire more people to choose a Green Friday

 #FridaysForFuture #BlackFridayNoMore #DontWantYourDiscount