IMPACTR in conversation with Professor Katherine Richardson

Unite Behind the Science

In a series of three episodes, Katherine Richardson, a leading scientist on sustainability and the role of biodiversity on the cycling of carbon, talked to IMPACTR about the bigger picture, the current state of science, and key areas where societies should address their actions to meet the global sustainable goals.

Preparing the campaign

Short clips Nomad Land

Preproduction materials for the upcoming series Nomad Land, about Greenlandic Myths and Nature. This is a collaborative project aiming to raise awareness about traditional knowledge and its solutions to trive in nature.

When the coal is gone

Leaving Qullissat

On our journey with Nomad Land, we will explore, collect, and relate, local stories with universal values on the human connection to nature, through a variety of artistic and media formats. We want to make people’s stories accessible to global audiences, through the use of technology and social interaction.

En los Genesis Awards


Nuestra película Yo Galgo ha recibido el galardón OUTSTANDING INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM en los Genesis Awards, recientemente anunciados por The Humane Society.

Composed by Arturo Cardelús

Escucha nuestra banda sonora

Esta es la banda sonora original de nuestra tan esperada película:) Una música bellamente compuesta por Arturo Cardelús, con una orquesta completa y mucha atención puesta en la conexión emocional con el mundo animal. Por favor, escucha.