And now what?

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since we talked last time, I know and I am sorry. Film making is more time-consuming than I could ever have imagined, but I’m so exited to tell you that…Yo Galgo is finished and you can watch it here!


Here’s what we have been working on since my last update:

Seeing the attention our film got after our Kickstarter, we decided to do whatever we could to make Yo Galgo an international piece. Not an easy task, but we went for it. For that we needed to improve some of the source materials that we had, which meant more shooting, original music and creating a new structure for the film.

So, we had to fundraise further and in the end we have also found it necessary to take a loan in order to create the film we wanted. It has been hard work, but I’m so happy with the final result and can’t wait to show it to you. Here are some of the mayor things we have been working on:


Original Soundtrack

It’s very difficult to express how happy we feel about the soundtrack we have for the film, it definitely takes Yo Galgo to the next level. The music has been composed by Arturo Cardelús, an upcoming talent in Hollywood, and a wonderful person. He has created a soundtrack that has become a main character in the film. It was recorded with orchestra in Los Angeles and mixed in 5.1 for cinemas in one of the best cine-studios in Spain (Best Digital / Re-recording mixer - Steve Miller). We will release it in due time, as soon as we finished mastering the album, which has more than one surprise. Here you have one of the first scketches.

You´ll find at the end of the page a music video with the only song that was not composed by Arturo, that I made with images that are not part of the film with the Danish band Alfakat. It will be for the credits.


Sound design

The sound design for Yo Galgo has been an interesting journey for me. It’s a part of moviemaking that many people from outside the industry rarely give any thought, and I have learned a lot in the process. To do the sound design and reproduce the everyday sound effects, that should be added to the film, I teamed up with one of the best sound designers around, Pablo Áset. Pablo and I visited many of the areas, where I shot the film, recording the sounds needed for a 5.1 experience to offer soundscapes in accordance with the quality of the images.


Colour correction

We took care of the colour correction of the documentary with the amazing Paula Ruiz at her studio Color en Movimiento. Many of the scenes of the film were recorded in 4k, RAW video or with carefully selected colour profiles and, oh boy, it was at her studio when the true powers of those digital formats unfolded.



So far, the film has been translated to English, German, Italian, French, Polish and Czech, and hopefully we will have subtitles in even further languages.


What now?


Although we can’t wait to show the film to you all, we have to be smart and strategic about the release. We are currently working on the distribution. It’s going well, but is also a process that takes time.

A few months ago we moved to Denmark, and are currently talking with groups and agents here that could help us bring this story to the world. I hope I will have an update on this soon.



Besides working on the distribution, we have spent a lot of our summer researching and applying for film festivals. Having Yo Galgo participate at important film festivals is something that we need to give a shot, as it’s an important step in getting the film to the world. We need to reach outside the community, who already knows about the plight of the Galgo, and reach the ones who don’t, and festivals are an important tool for this. The festival seasons starts again after the end of the summer. I’m exited to see if Yo Galgo gets picked. I will make sure to keep you in the loop.


Our Production Company

Skinny Dog Films



I hope I will have more news about the release of Yo Galgo in my next update. Thanks for your patience and your support. We’re almost there.


Click for Music Video