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If we only knew how rare and precious life is, how amazingly rare our planet is, we would take better care. This is a look into science through the minds and experiences of those who are pushing the boundaries of our understanding.

Here you will find interviews, shorts films and insight into science.

MISSION TO MARS - Mars Exploration

MDSCC/NASA space station

Photography and time-lapse of the MDSCC/NASA space station in Madrid, December 2011. The new mission to Mars, the MSL, was launched during this period. Part of the material is being used to create content for the MDSCC museum and the mid-long term intention is to make a full documentary about the station and its workers

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IMPACTR in conversation with Professor Katherine Richardson

Unite Behind the Science

In a series of three episodes, Katherine Richardson, a leading scientist on sustainability and the role of biodiversity on the cycling of carbon, talked to IMPACTR about the bigger picture, the current state of science, and key areas where societies should address their actions to meet the global sustainable goals.

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