Look out! Is it not wonderful?

A shared space to look at the stars

If we only knew how rare and precious life is, how amazing our planet is, in the nearby Universe, we would take better care. This is a look into space through the minds and experiences of those who are pushing the boundaries of our understanding. Keep the ayes on the stars!

Some of these contents were for the travelling exhibition NASA A Human Adventure.

Visit the photo gallery here and the Time-lapse film here.

MISSION TO MARS - Mars Exploration

MDSCC/NASA space station

Photography and time-lapse of the MDSCC/NASA space station in Madrid, December 2011. The new mission to Mars, the MSL, was launched during this period. Part of the material is being used to create content for the MDSCC museum and the mid-long term intention is to make a full documentary about the station and its workers

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