How can we reduce food waste from our food systems?


IMPACTR hosted the first ever IMPACTR_X! Which brings together everyone, citizens, experts, solution-makers and governments to exchange knowledge and create actions for sustainability impact!


After the session, we captured some actions you can do:• We will create a citizens initiative and collect signatures to change beauty standards for the food industry – stay tuned and get your pen ready!

  • View food differently - Please visit Klimamusen for tips on creating a food plan and making stock from food waste.
  • Vote with your wallet - buy GRIM food boxes instead of going to the supermarket!


The next IMPACTR_X, about diversity in Tech, is coming up!
Check it out and come over if you are in Copenhaguen. 


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IMPACTR_X is a platform for creating exchange of knowledge, viewpoints, ideas, solutions and actions, with the objective to create actionable outcomes that accelerate change, and bring a sustainable future closer.

IMPACTR_X brings together diverse stakeholders from the community who come at the topics with different angles to spark strong and constructive discussions. IMPACTR_X sessions are independently run and organised by IMPACTR Ambassadors all over the world.

IMPACTR is building the world´s most trusted social action platform, and is on a mission to make sustainability action accessible for everyone. We aim to redirect a huge portion of the unused human potential into collective impact. 

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See you there in the next IMPACTR_X