Fighting food waste while creating new materials


What if you could create new and sustainable materials from your food waste? No need for a lab, just what you have in your kitchen and simple science. This is what Little Pink Maker enables you to do with her Kickstarter project MaterialeX, for which IMPACTR made this video. IMPACTR is on a mission to connect and support sustainable solutions that make the world's a better place, and This one is one of them, please visit her profile and learn how to get one of these kits to make leather out of tea and plastic out of coffee (among many other things).



In the words of Little Pink Maker founder:

Our vision at Little pink maker is to inspire children and adults to love S.T.E.A.M subjects and to engage the future generation of Scientists, Technologists, Engineers, Artists and Mathematicians.

We do this by providing innovative, fun, hands-on educational programmes in these subject areas, which are delivered in non formal educational settings worldwide using a co-teaching model with traditional methodologies that combine innovation, with specially designed tools and tailored unique content to deliver the programme and inspire all.

We believe that teaching everyone to think both critically and creatively is key to the development of a society which understands and is fully engaged with the world around them, the resources on which they depend, and in planning and creating a better future and abundance for all.

We provide a framework for industries to sponsor their local schools to avail of these programmes. Companies can provide us with their experts to learn how to deliver the programmes in the classroom, with forward thinking and hands on learning

Our system allows companies to fulfil their corporate social responsibility by doing what they do best!”

IMPACTR is on a mission to make sustainability to new normal, by connecting people like you and me with expert-back sustainable solutions. Join our community of experts today here to accelerate the change we all need.