Fight CLIMATE CHANGE with data!

Understand how you or your company impact the planet

Plan A is the first data- and community-driven action platform in the fight against climate change. We use data to predict where and how climate change will hit the hardest and use the insights to help businesses understand the environmental threats ahead of the markets where they operate and support them in their journey towards a sustainable model. We help businesses with carbon offsetting, environmental threat analysis and sustainability action planning.

Their mission is to support a positive and action-driven approach to climate change. We champion individuals, businesses and communities who have taken a stance against the destruction of our planet, and here you have a bit of the conversation IMPACTR had with them.



PlanA Declaration of Principle

For far too long have we ignored nature's capacity to transform our lives in seconds. Until now, when we no longer can. Heatwaves, floods, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires across the globe and scores of humans, animals and trees are gone. Extreme weather events in all corners of the Earth have been shouting at us that climate change is real and we need to act.

Which is where Plan A started. The vision from day one of Plan A has been to facilitate the process of giving back all people, animals, insects, trees, plants on our planet the right to co-exist once again in equilibrium. As much as they are dependent on us to live peacefully, we, humans, are dependent on them to survive on this planet.

We are working towards building a community of good guys and gals engaged in climate action across the spectrum, all over the globe. Why? Because there is no Plan B for our planet.


We believe this is an amazing concept, actionable, usable and scalable, so please vivit them (they also have an academy to learn about sustainability)

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