Cocreating with local voices

Activities and Process

What will happen? 

With the assistance of our Greenlandic co-producer Hanne Sørensen/Amarok Productions, the project will identify young participants from Ummanaq and Ilulissat who can be part of a two-day long training workshop to elaborate, and put on film, local stories that interest them, with a camera and an audio recorder. 

During the workshop, the participants (a maximum of 15 in each) will produce two small films for the Nomad Land on-line community, related to the topics of nature, old stories and climate. The approach to these workshops is very much hands on and will focus on interviewing techniques with family members, neighbours and such, to talk about nature, myths or the passing of time. The workshops will also include skills on how to document the local surroundings of the participants. These exchanges can spark curiosity within the community about their own history, increase cross-generational understanding, and bring opportunities of expressing the participants’ own voice and stories in films. 

The project will assist in uploading the files to the Nomad Land space on the platform. On this platform, there is already a community which can interact with the voices from Greenland. This means, that Nomad Land is not building a community from scratch. 

Through relevant social media and educational fora in the Nordic countries, we will promote Nomad Land and connect youth of the other Nordic countries and elsewhere with the participating youth in Greenland. The two short films from Ilulissat and Ummanaq, produced by the workshop participants, can inspire other youth to engage in Nomad Land and express their own views and experiences on nature, storytelling and climate changes. 

The project will also record local storytellers and villagers talking about a mythical tale connected to nature, a local belief, an animal or a geographical/meteorological element with meaning to them. These audios and interviews will be paired with beautifully crafted images of their natural surroundings (with a documentary like approach). 


The process of producing the materials will be collaborative, and open for learnings and changes as we progress. This will allow us to develop the products as we move along and include the ideas of the participants as the creative process unfolds. The following text presents a direction for the project and products, but not a final road map.

Our intention is to produce a series of five short documentary films (episodes of approx. 15 minutes) for the first season of Nomad Land / Tales of Greenland. We will start with the two first episodes from Ummanaq and Ilulissat and the nearby bygder/settlements before we plan and fundraise for future episodes and seasons. 

All episodes will be connected by the figure of a narrator, who personifies the spirit AAJUMAAQ (The sleeved one), a primordial mythical figure. All seasons will be recorded in the local languages. This first season of Nomad Land will be in Greenlandic. For future seasons we hope to move on to Iceland as well as the Faroe Islands and Sápmi in Finland. 

After our first trip to Nuuk, to meet the partners of our project, we started creating a set of videos to showcase our intentions, show a bit of the visual tone for the series, and prepare communication materials for our fundraising efforts. Articles created locally with our partners will accompany some of these pieces. Here is one example.



The relationship we have with our surroundings, ingluding our homes, is something we are very interested in.