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Mini Series

Nomad Land is an artistic and inclusive multimedia project that seeks to explore and revitalize Greenlandic traditional wisdom and myths from the coast. Through workshops on storytelling and footage involving youth in different Greenlandic communities, in cooperation with local musicians and actors, we'll create a mini-serie around the relationship between nature, culture and climate.

Why this project?

Although the magical and the mysterious seem to have been forgotten in modern societies, myths and imagination have been our historical connectors to the wonders of nature, as well as sources of knowledge and social cohesion. Those closer to the natural world, the animal psyche and the elements, were respected members of society, taken in high esteem and consulted. They were the ones who had a deep understanding of how to abide by nature and thrive. But who is trying to see like an eagle now, feel like a whale or stand like a tree? Where has that connection gone in the globalized world of today? Where is the awe for what’s known to be the most rare and precious thing in the universe which is life, in whatever form? 

There is no denial to the fact that we are entering an environmental state of emergency. The overall intention of “Nomad Land” is to raise awareness about the need to care for nature from an artistic, inclusive and multifaceted approach. This project promotes education and cultural exchange among people, while helping develop skills and stories that can be used to bring forth local perspectives with global interests.

What, it is next?

Our proposal is to create concrete materials and experiences that will spark conversations about the importance to protect nature, taking a look at the intersection of mythology, and the critical loss of ancient knowledge, in areas where climatic uncertainty is most felt. The first project will focus on Greenland and then move to other areas within the circumpolar arctic. 

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Activities and Process

Cocreating with local voices

Nomad Land will be a cooperation between producers in Greenland and in Denmark. Nomad Land will expose youth to the production of filmmaking, involving them in the actual storytelling and recording, hereby expanding their opportunity to express themselves creatively.

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Myths and Nature in Greenland


“When the concept of human dominion over nature is questioned, the door opens for a multiplicity of relational bonds with fellow creatures and the world” (Skeen, 2013) These are some of the myths NOMAD LAND will work with.

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Preparing the campaign

Short clips Nomad Land

Preproduction materials for the upcoming series Nomad Land, about Greenlandic Myths and Nature. This is a collaborative project aiming to raise awareness about traditional knowledge and its solutions to trive in nature.

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When the coal is gone

Leaving Qullissat

On our journey with Nomad Land, we will explore, collect, and relate, local stories with universal values on the human connection to nature, through a variety of artistic and media formats. We want to make people’s stories accessible to global audiences, through the use of technology and social interaction.

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