MoonLeaks exists to promote creative exchange among people in the world who care for nature. Our platform believes in cultural activism, education and entrepreneurship as fundamental pillars for the development of sustainable societies end environments. We promote freedom of expression, creativity and the importance of local perspectives for the development of cultural projects of global interest.

We encourage the protection of living beings and their habitats, network to achieve growth, and collectively fundraise for stories that matter.


Our vision as producers

We believe in a world championed by the open exchange of knowledge (enabling people to explore and creatively participate in a global dialogue with their ingenuity, creativity and love). The creative response that occurs when participating in such processes empowers everyone involved to experience the world more fully and express what they believe is important. It encourages people to take an active role in the world and challenge the destructive ideologies that surround us.

The creative response is our answer to the question “What kind of world do we want to live in?” and can be used as a tool for change. Cultural activism is a much-needed force in our everyday lives; we should rebel creatively against what harms the most vulnerable, sapiens included.


Our mission

  • Facilitate the creation of a community of participants, co-creators and investors, working in projects that will improve the welfare of all living creatures.
  • Empower developing communities through education in audio-visual production - via tutorials, online master classes and workshops
  • Support community -based initiatives that encourage inclusion and transparency.
  • Disseminate the values of freedom, equality and diversity of cultures, identities and species.
  • Support development through education, creative expression, partnership and the arts.
  • Align our work with the global efforts and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, thus encouraging social mobilization and knowledge-sharing on issues that matter.


Local stories with universal values

Our goal is to promote human development through the creative expression, while fighting the constant abuses being committed against animals and environments.

We will look for local storytellers, filmmakers, films, scientists, and entrepreneurs with whom to collaborate in a variety of ways, ranging from helping stories reach viewers, produce or co-produce the ideas, to help local creators, with nature in mind and access to the story, achieve their goals.


How did start?

It all started when Yeray López Portillo (Madrid 1979) got himself a dog to cure his depression, a Spanish hunting breed called Galgo. This connection with an animal made him think a lot about our relationships with other beings. Then, he decided to start a documentary about the abuse these kinds of dogs suffer, and his life was changed.

After a successful crowd funding campaign, in which many of you were involved, he had something clear; we needed to raise awareness about these kind of dogs and extend that love to other creatures. That was the beginning of the concept back in 2016, a social and technological driven enterprise that promotes animal welfare.