Project update Sep 2017

Project update Sep 2017

Dear Friends,


It’s been a while since my last update, but here is a bit about how our project is going.

Since the beginning we knew that this project was something beyond the film, it was about creating impact, gathering strength through a community of people like you and increase the pressure for things to change for thousands of dogs. It was about preparing the ground for the documentary to function as tool for change, almost nothing. That’s why we have been working hard to raise awareness about how galgos and other hunting dogs are treated in Spain. Apart from working to finish the documentary, a big part of our work has also consisted of participating in talks and events, as well as giving interviews, to shed light on the plight of the galgo.

For the past months, I have been editing the film and have realized that, in order to make an international piece, I needed help. That’s why a fantastic editor with much more experience working with cinema than mine joined the team. Working together, we have discovered that I need to go back in the field to shoot some scenes that are missing to tell the whole story. I believe that after three years working on the documentary I must do this, but it means that we need a bit more time to complete the documentary.

During this year we’ve put the project in contact with a lot of people to make it better, in doing so, I aimed high and wrote to artists that I thought were out of our reach. But I believed that maybe, the story was worth a try. I wrote to one of my favourite composers and showed him the cut we have so far (around 80 minutes). Well, he said yes to make the music for Yo Galgo and we´ll begin to look at it once we have a better cut, we are so thrilled and honoured by his collaboration (around December_ I know, times in filmmaking are like, and in our case the hunting season only happens once per year). I will tell you more about it in the future.

I guess that what I am trying to express here is that making a film is so much complex than I thought if you want to do it right; it’s exciting and difficult at the same time. What started out as a small project with me, myself, my galgo and my camera has grown into a something a little bigger. I’m excited to work on the project everyday and I find great strength in the support I receive, but it is also a process where I learn as I go, and doing this mostly by myself does make the process slower than I would have wanted. But I have one shot with this film, and I have to make the best movie I can, so it will make the most impact possible and honour your support. I want to thank you all for your patience and for giving me the chance to tell a story that has changed me, my family, many around me and that I hope changes the world a little bit.


We have published a new investigative article

There are a lot people who don’t know about how abandoned dogs are collected in Spain, about the kind of deals made between the municipalities and the private companies to do such job, and how they operate in Spain. This article gives you an insight to how this works, please check it out here.


If you have any doubts, problems or questions, you can always reach me through the contact section.

We are a very small team and try to give all we have to this project, it is very important for us. But first timers have a lot to learn, so please send us any suggestion you can think of to help us improve.

You can also help us fundraise for the remaining part of the production that was not part of the Kickstarter, the music and translation, by visiting our online shop.

Big hug to you all and thanks again for being there.

Yeray López.