Creative exchange on clothing

Our T-shirts - Yeah!

Our first shirt, illustrated by Anne Vejrich

With this collaboration, we began our meetings with illustrators and artists to promote animal welfare also from a product perspective.

The Belgian artist Anne Vejrich was the creator of the first illustration promoting the film YO GALGO and our crowdfunding project at the time. Ann liked the idea from the beginning as nature is her primary source of inspiration. We proposed that she would interpret a photograph of Tzatziki, a young Spanish sighthound that takes part in the documentary mentioned above.

The result was spectacular and, with a fine line and firm pulse Ann made a work of art, emotional, beautiful and sincere. It was her idea to introduce the animals that are supposed to be galgo’s natural prey, the hares. Her vision was to place them in perfect harmony, creating a circle of convivence and breaking the barriers and fees imposed by the hunting standards.

The group seems to come out of a children's book to enrich our imagination. Technical wise, the artwork was a challenge for the printers. We wanted to preserve the fine line of Ann's pencil and respect the original to the maximum, but we got it and could present what it was our first T-shirt (sold out).


Bartosz Kosowski from Lodz

Continuing with the collaborations with artists around the world and our projects, we went to Poland this time to work with Bartosz Kosowski. This time the design was based on Bacalao, the protagonist of the documentary Yo Galgo, screen printed with four colours, all made by hand onto T-shirts and Tote bags.


And as education goes. What about babies?

This time was the time of the Spanish graphic designer Yeray López to bring about a design for the youngest that was, back then, the name of our brand as well, passingpanda.



And our new and last T-shirt before the premiere of the film was out, couldn’t be otherwise, it was a #FreeTheGalgo design, a hash tag that we launched a couple of years ago. Made with three inks and screenprint, the illustration is a collaboration with the amazing Spanish artists Brosmind, who came up with the idea for the print after a long conversation about what the galgos endure. But we knew from the start that we wanted to have a positive and fun approach to the concept. I hope you like it.


Much love can be found in these designs. Please vivit our shop if you want to order any of them.