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In many parts of the world, dogs are man’s best friend. However, in Spain, an ancient breed of hunting dog, the Galgo, is being abused and tortured; thousands are killed annually, and countless more are abandoned. Subtitles in English, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Russian, French, Dutch, German. 24h streaming period.

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Dogs in life

32.000 years later – Mini Series

32.000 years ago sapiens domesticated dogs and conquered the world. Before agriculture, before cities, before ties and shoes, before the Internet, we had dogs. We’ve evolved with them and are like them in very many ways. Some say that dogs are sapiens’ best friends and, to some, they are the only connection to the “animal” psyche.

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Nature and the Global Sustainable Goals


In this series of chapters we’ll take some of the targets for global development, agreed by United Nations as important points for action, and explore through documentary filmmaking the importance of integrating nature in education, mental health, urban planning and more.

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